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Understanding your Financial Needs
It is important to equip yourselves with the tools necessary to be able to handle any life situation. There are some common situations for which one may need to seek financial advice, such as:
General savings from your Salary
While there are benefits of being a woman including having a lower tax rate and life insurance premium than men, you may receive added benefits from financial planning. A strategic financial plan can help you maximize your cash flow and attain long-term financial security.
Higher Education
The cost of education in India and abroad has increased significantly over the past couple of years. This coupled with a higher cost of living may make it difficult to continue your education without proper planning. If you are planning to continue your education in future, it is important to start saving today especially if you do not want to burden your parents with these high expenses.
Planning for Marriage
Getting married is one of the most exciting events in a woman’s life. However, weddings can be very expensive. Whether you want to have a dream wedding ceremony, a designer outfit, or luxurious jewellery and do not want to trouble your father with these high expenses, these aspirations could still turn into reality. Perhaps you can consider some financial planning.
Managing household expenses can be complicated. Apart from spending wisely, you may struggle to save. With financial education, you can learn how best to optimize the funds at your disposal.
Planning for a Family
Children bring such joy to a parent’s life, but they also come with additional responsibilities & expenses. It can be challenging and expensive to meet the ever increasing needs of children. Don’t compromise on your child’s needs and start planning your finances early.
Luxury Shopping
Wouldn’t you like to buy that designer handbag you saw the other day at the mall? Or those designer shoes? Some financial planning may help you to buy those luxury goods without facing the embarrassment of asking your spouse or parents.
Planning for Retirement
Saving for retirement can be a stressful task but one which should be planned proactively. Unfortunately, historically women tend to earn less and thus are likely to enter retirement with fewer resources than men. If you start investing early, due to the power of compounding, you should be able to accumulate the necessary funds for retirement.
Today, many women are beneficiaries to an inheritance from their parents and husbands. To be able to optimize the return on these assets, it’s important to understand your options.
Unexpected & Unfortunate life events
Divorce: Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale. Divorce is one of the most unexpected and unfortunate events which can be an emotional and financial drain. Not only is your life in turmoil, but also your finances are out of order. When you are going through a divorce, lack of specialized financial expertise can lead to mistakes resulting in long-lasting, devastating consequences.
Widowhood: In the midst of dealing with the grief and pain of the loss of a spouse to death, it is important to be prudent with one’s inheritance.
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